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Rick Sharp Early Poster Art

During the 1970s, ex-hippie communes and natural food stores started popping up like poppies in the warm California sunshine - creating a natural revolution.  And no other artist at the time represented this natural revolution as well as poster artist Rick Sharp. Still in his teens, operating out of Santa Barbara, California - the nucleus of a new burgeoning ecological movement in the United States - Rick Sharp's art was at the forefront of this movement.

His poster art became a flag for this counterculture to the point where you "couldn't walk down a street without seeing one of Sharp's posters on a store window, bulletin board or telephone pole" (M. Avery 'Reflections on the Natural - Poster Art by Rick Sharp' Variant Press 1973). During this decade, the young artist’s work appeared on national magazine covers, Hang Ten t-shirts, surf posters, album covers and concert posters for folk music icons such as Donovan, Arlo Guthrie and Peter, Paul & Mary, to name a few. Sharp's early poster work, like his KTYD and Channel Islands Surfboards calendars, are now memorialized in museums in California. 

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