Rick Sharp's 70s Music

Earth Song
May Queen
The Turning Wheels
The Hunter
Come With Me
On Hammond's Lawn
As I Remember
Everyday I'm Happy
Dandelions in the Wind
The Garden
The Earth and Her Universe


Artist Rick Sharp sometimes traded his art for recording studio time with various musicians of the day who sought him out for concert posters and album covers. Sharp was lucky enough to have some of his original songs produced by well-known music icons like Jim Messina. Most of his recordings were made at Condor Ridge Studios in Winchester Canyon, high on a mountain top, north of Santa Barbara - owned and operated by the late Conrad Von Dehn - the musically gifted son of 40s big band singer Ginny Simms.  Some of Sharp's songs were compiled into a 1979 album he named "Earth Song" (not to be confused with Michael Jackson's album of the same name sixteen years later). Other songs listed above were not included on the album, but were written and composed for the project, and remain as raw demos of the Artist playing his guitar in the studio before producer Von Dehn added other instruments. Sharp's music is a direct reflection of the lifestyle the Artist was living and the art he was creating at the time - odes to nature and the people inhabiting their beautiful domain.


Rick Sharp - Woodland Art Studio - Montecito 1974