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New book launch signing at Chaucer's Bookstore in Santa Barbara, Ca.
Thursday, July 27 @ 6:00pm. The artist will give a talk and sign his new book: 1970's Nature Posters: The Lost Art of Rick Sharp



Korbel licenses Rick Sharp Vintage Art for their in-store displays throughout North America. "A CALIFORNIA CLASSIC" is the headline atop a double-sided, faux-vintage surfboard featuring seven Rick Sharp posters.



Island Heritage of Hawaii releases Rick Sharp towels into stores throughout Hawaii.

Ongoing exhibit of Rick Sharp's early poster art on display at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.
Rick Sharp entertained a full theater of 80 people with his recollections of how he became a poster artist in the early days of Santa Barbara. At the close of the show the Artist paid tribute to his past models - some of who attended the show and lecture.


Rick Sharp brings his Vintage Art & Music Show to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Surfer's Point in Ventura, Ca. for week-long engagement.

Sharp sketches lovely Leilani for his "Aloha Fruit Basket" painting for Island Heritage. Leilani's pose on a canoe was used for the cover of the 2015 "Vintage Hawaii" The Art of Rick Sharp calendar. The lanquid beauty also posed for the poster "Polynesia" among others found in the "Vintage Hawaii" collection. 
Big Island Hula Girl "Hero WooChing" poses for "Vintage Hawaii - The Art of Rick Sharp" 2015 Calendar -  produced by Island Heritage. A subsequent head and shoulder pose of the beautiful Hero against Makai waterfalls was eventually chosen for the "Vintage Hawaii - The Art of Rick Sharp" 2017 calendar cover.  The modeling session, which took place in South Kona, produced several great poses utilized by the Artist - such as the painting "Steamboat Arrives" (shown in the "Vintage Hawaii" collection). Hero is also an amazing singer!
Noted Brooklyn-based photographer Joni Sternbach shoots Rick Sharp with Civil War era camera.
World Champion Surfer Shaun Tompson at Rick Sharp Surf Art Show
A large crowd gathered over the summer as Shaun Tompson made an appearance to sign posters at Rick Sharp's Surf Art Show in Carpinteria, Ca.. Carpinteria is home to Rincon, considered by most to be the best surf in the Continental United States. The featured poster for the show, "Shaun and the Dolphins", was created after the Artist witnessed a rare event first-hand - three dolphins riding a wave along with Shaun Tompson. "I was paddling out after riding a wave", recalls Sharp,"and right in front of me I saw the most amazing thing: Three dolphins jumping and riding a large wave with Shaun weaving and turning between them!".
Filmaker and Hilo raised John Oliver's exotic video of Rick Sharp working with his model "Lei" will soon be released to art galleries throughout Hawaii. The beautiful model has become the centerpiece for several of Sharp's popular images, such as "Wahine Hibiscus" and "Moonlight" (see "Vintage Hawaii" collection). 
Sharp has designed several posters for Prudential of Japan to use as large prints for their annual conventions in Honolulu.
Pictured above are the Prudential Officials, Mr. Mita (right front) and their interpeter Louise Lasschuijt of Honolulu (left front) during their second meeting at Sharp Studios. Poster #2 is shown below on the left.


Rick Sharp to tour Oahu and Kauai this coming Summer for "Meet the Artist" nights at select galleries. Please join our email list for notifications of exact dates and locations.

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